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Have you always struggled with short, brittle nails? Don't spend your whole life jealous of other women's long nails. Visit Glo Nails in Rochester, MN for acrylic nails.

Our nail technicians can fit you with the acrylic nails that suit your style. We can also repair, trim and remove the nails for $10. Trust us to add French polish and provide other salon services starting at $5. Call (507) 258- 7919 today for picture perfect nails for any occasion.

Our prices

Our prices

Glo Nails offers a variety of acrylic nail options, including:

  • New acrylic set with lacquer or white tips: $30
  • New pre-colored tips or specially designed tips: $40
  • New acrylic set with gel: $50
  • New acrylic ombre set: $65
  • Pink and white set: $50
  • Solar pearl tips: $35
  • Pink and white fill: $40
  • Regular fill: $25
  • Gel fill: $40




Our expert stylists can shape your acrylic nails in any way you want, including oval, square, squoval, rounded, almond, super short, stiletto and ballerina. Talk to us today to figure out which shape would work best for you.